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The Zombie hordes are here, and the ultimate threat needs ultimate firepower to counter it! These massive war machines will give your troops the edge against the undead!
Starting August 10th (11am) and going until August 12th (11am)!

◆BY LAND: Mighty Kat-A-Pult
Long-distance anti-zombie attacks that stop undead from coming back to life! Plus, tough anti-zombie defense, with a chance to weaken enemies!
◆BY SEA: Mighty Drednot
MASSIVE area damage vs Red and Zombie foes! Stops zombies from reviving!
◆BY AIR: Mighty Bomburr
Area attacks have 100% knockback against zombies and stop them from reviving!
◆FROM THE STARS: Mighty Rekon Corps
Bring massive area damage down from the heavens and blast enemies with traits! Plus, attacks also prevent Zombies from reviving!
◆FROM THE EARTH: Mighty Thermae D-Lux
Super tough versus Zombies, with 100% chance to Freeze! Omni-strikes that attack enemies both in front and behind! Also stops Zombies from reviving!

Overwhelm your enemies with cutting-edge attacks from all sides! Don't miss out!

3 Years of The Battle Cats POP!

Event Information

Lets celebrate 3 Years of The Battle Cats Pop! on the Nintendo 3DS!
Limited edition stage The Battle Cats Pop! is back in Stories of Legend/Event Stages, along with a brand new Awakened stage to unlock Kart Cat's third form!
On in Legend Stories between August 1st (11am) and August 12th (10:59am)!

Only during this event, clear the limited stage The Battle Cats POP! and get a chance to pick up Cat Kart R as a drop reward!
After that, take on Cat Kart Awakens and collect a the third True Form of this limited edition Cat unit!
Get better chances to pick up these drop rewards by clearing later stages in the map! Or use a Treasure Radar for a 100% chance to collect the prize!
※ Please be aware that players who have already collected Cat Kart R cannot collect it a second time.
※ Cat Kart R can be located in the Rare Cats section of the Upgrade menus after collecting it as a stage reward.
※ Cat Kart R must be upgraded to at least level 20 before the third form can be activated, even after being collected.
※ Even if Cat Kart R has not yet been collected, clearing the Awakened Stage and collecting the third form will allow the true form to be activated once all other conditions have been met.

Plus, clear The Battle Cats Pop! stages to collect NEW Timed Score rewards!
Earn bigger and better prizes of XP and useful Battle Items as your high scores rises higher!
※ Confirm rewards for each stage by tapping the Timed Score button on the Battle Cats POP! map. ※ Score Rewards already gained during previous editions of this event cannot be collected again.
● Special event missions in the Catnip Challenges!
Take on Special Mission challenges and earn delicious bonus rewards by playing limited-time-only Battle Cats POP! events!
※ Battle Cats POP! Special Missions will only appear in the Catnip Challenges until August 12th, 2019 at 10:59am. You must accept all rewards before the mission disappears at the end of the Catnip Challenges event!

Ghostly Houseguests August Event

Event Information

During this event, access the "Ghostly Houseguests" stages by visiting the "Stories of Legend" game mode!
New and unknown enemies await you! There might even be something interesting at the end of the quest!
This event starts the 1st of August (8/1/2019) and continues until the 1st of September (9/1/2019)

Finish the stage and get a chance to obtain the event-exclusive Vengeful Cat!

Obtaining the Exclusive Cats

You can find Vengeful Cat when you clear the event stages! Your chances will increase greatly if you play the more difficult stages!

You have a 100% chance to get it if you also use the Treasure Radar item!

The Treasure Radar can be found at the Item Shop! Grab it anytime!

* After you have picked up Vengeful Cat, you can find it under Rare Cats in the Upgrade screen.

Version 8.8 Update

● Zombie Stages added to Into the Future Ch. 2
Challenge the invading undead in the 2nd chapter of the Future story arc in randomly appearing Outbreak stages!
Get 10 Cat Food with each Zombie stage cleared for the first time, plus increased Treasure Drop rates when you clear all stages in a Quarantine Zone.
Clearing all Outbreak stages in a chapter increases your maximum Cat Energy!
※ Available after clearing Into the Future Ch. 2
● New True Form!
Collect Catfruit to power up another Cat to it's powerful 3rd form!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Voli from "Elemental Pixies"

● More Cat Talents to unlock!
Develop mighty abilities for your high-ranked Cats by choosing Talents!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Baby Cat from "The Dynamites"
Mighty Kat-A-Pult from "Iron Legion"
More Cats will become available to upgrade in future updates!
※NP and Talents will be available once you have cleared Into the Future Ch. 3.
● More Legend Stages!
New Legends maps have been added! Plus, higher difficulty levels added to existing maps!

● And More!
・New User Rank Rewards!

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