Summer in Catland

Event Information

Enjoy summer right with the Battle Cats! The Summer Festival is BACK for a limited time!
August 12th (11am) through 26th (11am)!

● Limited Edition Summer Rare Capsules
The Gals of Summer hit the beach!
Galaxy Gals and other Cat cuties are heading to the seaside for this special Gals of Summer set, with the all new Uber Seabreeze Coppermine joining the team!
Visit the Rare Capsules during this event for a chance to pick up these cool seasonal Cats!

・Seabreeze Coppermine (Uber Rare) New!
Chance to Freeze Red and Black enemies (Area Attack)
・Waverider Kuu (Uber Rare)
Super effective against Zombies & Floating (Area Attack)
・Seashore Kai (Uber Rare)
Tough against Black & Zombies (Area Attack)
・Tropical Kalisa (Uber Rare)
Massive damage vs Red enemies (Area Attack)
・Midsummer Rabbit (Uber Rare)
Slows Angels & Black enemies (Area Attack)
・Sunny Neneko (Uber Rare)
100% Critical Attack chance!

● Limited Summer Stages
Time to get your groove on and partyyyyy!!! Summer stages are back and ready for you to take them on!
First, visit Stories of Legend/Event Stages to take on Summer Diary!
Clearing any stage in this map will give you a small chance to pick up the Rare character Awa Odori Cat for your Cat Army!
Later stages will give you a better chance of collecting this special unit, but you can also use a Treasure Radar for a 100% chance of getting it!
※Visit the Rare Cats section of the Upgrade screen to activate Awa Odori Cat after you collect it!

Plus, check out the seasonal stage Summer Lesson!
Limited challenges await you in this exciting special stage!
Any stage in this map will grant you Lucky Tickets on clear, good for awesome rewards in the Lucky Capsules only available during the Summer Festival!
Later stages will offer even more Lucky Tickets upon victory!
※ If you cannot see the Summer Lesson/Summer Diary stages, ensure that your app is updated to the most recent version.

● Lucky Capsules!
Get special Cats, items, and XP packs from these limited edition capsules!
Check out the Lucky Capsules section on the Cat Base menu to use your collected Lucky Tickets from Summer Lesson event!
Plus, get a bonus Lucky Ticket along with any Rare Capsule draw!
※Any single Rare Capsule draw will grant you one extra Lucky Ticket, while an 11-Capsule Draw will reward you with a bonus 11 Lucky Tickets!
※Once the Lucky Capsule event is over on August 26th, you will be unable to use your remaining Lucky Tickets or exchange them for items, etc. Be aware and use them soon after getting them!
※Update to the most recent version of the Battle Cats to access this feature!

● Special Missions in the Catnip Challenges!
Collect limited-time mission rewards by completing Summer Stages!
Once you've met the requirements, head to the Catnip Challenges and accept your prizes by tapping the correct mission!
※These Special missions can only be completed until August 26th, 2019 at 11:00am, so don't forget to claim your rewards before then!

Ancient Heroes: Ultra Souls Event

Event Information

Head to the Rare Capsule machine during this event and draw from the Ancient Heroes: Ultra Souls capsule set for a chance at one of these powerful Cats!
On from August 12th (11am~) through August 14th, 2019 (10:59am)!

Evolve the Cats you collect to reveal their ultimate form:
The Peach Angels: A chance to freeze Angels and Red enemies' movement!
Guardian Gamereon: Super-tough against Angels and Black enemies!
The Death Moon: A chance to slow Angels and Metal enemies!
Super Galaxy Cosmo: 100% knockback vs Angels and Floating enemies!
Jizo's Moving Castle: Huge damage versus Angels and Black enemies!
Fire Squad Kachiyama: 100% chance to weaken Angels and Alien enemies!
Rock Revengers: Super strong vs Angels and Zombies!

Legendary power awaits ye who dare claim these mythic heroes for thyself!

Ghostly Houseguests August Event

Event Information

During this event, access the "Ghostly Houseguests" stages by visiting the "Stories of Legend" game mode!
New and unknown enemies await you! There might even be something interesting at the end of the quest!
This event starts the 1st of August (8/1/2019) and continues until the 1st of September (9/1/2019)

Finish the stage and get a chance to obtain the event-exclusive Vengeful Cat!

Obtaining the Exclusive Cats

You can find Vengeful Cat when you clear the event stages! Your chances will increase greatly if you play the more difficult stages!

You have a 100% chance to get it if you also use the Treasure Radar item!

The Treasure Radar can be found at the Item Shop! Grab it anytime!

* After you have picked up Vengeful Cat, you can find it under Rare Cats in the Upgrade screen.

Version 8.8 Update

● Zombie Stages added to Into the Future Ch. 2
Challenge the invading undead in the 2nd chapter of the Future story arc in randomly appearing Outbreak stages!
Get 10 Cat Food with each Zombie stage cleared for the first time, plus increased Treasure Drop rates when you clear all stages in a Quarantine Zone.
Clearing all Outbreak stages in a chapter increases your maximum Cat Energy!
※ Available after clearing Into the Future Ch. 2
● New True Form!
Collect Catfruit to power up another Cat to it's powerful 3rd form!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Voli from "Elemental Pixies"

● More Cat Talents to unlock!
Develop mighty abilities for your high-ranked Cats by choosing Talents!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Baby Cat from "The Dynamites"
Mighty Kat-A-Pult from "Iron Legion"
More Cats will become available to upgrade in future updates!
※NP and Talents will be available once you have cleared Into the Future Ch. 3.
● More Legend Stages!
New Legends maps have been added! Plus, higher difficulty levels added to existing maps!

● And More!
・New User Rank Rewards!

3 Years of The Battle Cats POP!

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