The Almighties: The Majestic Zeus

Event Information

The most powerful deities of the Cat Empire are here to help you in your glorious fight! Now's your chance to recruit The Almighties into YOUR army!
This event is available between September 6th (11:00am) and September 9th (10:59am)!

◆Empress Chronos
Born of primordial chaos, she brings order to the universe! Strike down your enemies with long distance area attacks! Freeze all traited enemies in place with her powerful assault!
◆Wrathful Poseidon
With his sacred trident of storms, he freezes Zombie/Metal enemies with sweeping area attacks!
◆Splendid Ganesha
God of prosperity and scholarship, guardian of the sacred treasures that ward off misfortune. His long-distance attacks gain EVEN MORE power when damaged.
◆Shining Amaterasu
Surrounded by light, she brings the turbulent hearts of evildoers to submission with her holy mirror!
Deals massive area damage to any enemy with a trait.
◆Thunder God Zeus
King of the Gods, who wields unfathomable power!
Resistant to Angelic assaults! Massive area damage!
◆Anubis the Protector
Dashes to the front line with divine speed!
The power of the netherworld obliterates the wicked!
Immune to wave attack effects!
◆ Radiant Aphrodite
Attacking foes with Long Distance assaults, her arrows strike sharp and true!
Massive damage to Alien enemies!

Claim divine power for your own to destroy the toughest of the Battle Cats enemies!

Guaranteed Uber Rare Campaign!

Campaign Details:

Drawing 11 capsules at once from the Rare Capsule machine guarantees you to receive at least one Uber Rare character!
This campaign will begin at 11:00am on September 6th, 2019 and continue until 10:59am on September 9th, 2019.

*NOTICE: This limited-time Guaranteed 11-Capsule Draw campaign will apply only to the current Rare Capsule event!

Shakurel Planet & The Battle Cats Collab Event

Event Information

Shakurel Planet and The Battle Cats join forces for a crossover event!
Available between September 2nd (11am) and September 16th (11am), 2019!

● Collab Stages in The Battle Cats
Crazy fun Collab stages appear for a limited time! Shakurel Planet enemies and collectible Cat Units appear in special maps in the Legend Stages!
※ If Collab Stages fail to appear, make sure that you have updated the Battle Cats app to its most recent version
● Ranking stage "Attack of the Shakurels" appears in the Arena of Honor
Defend the Cat Empire against the most powerful jaws in the universe in this limited edition Shakurel Planet dojo challenge! Go to the Catclaw Dojo and enter the Attack of the Shakurels stage!

Climb to the highest tiers of power as your scores are measured against all other Battle Cats players? Can you make it to the top 10%?
Try as many times as you like before the event ends, and earn a special prize when your final high score determines your skill tier.
Tap the Rewards List button to see what you might win as you climb the rankings!
※ Rewards may take a short time to be delivered after your final ranking tier is determined. Please be patient!
※ Your Ranking Result will be shown in the Catclaw Dojo, but rewards will be claimed by visiting the Mailbox menu from the Battle Cats title screen. Rewards will expire and become unclaimable 30 days after delivery.
※ Rewards must be claimed from the Mailbox within 1 month, or they will be invalidated.
※ Network connection is required to play the Arena of Honor.
※ Scores achieved during this ranking event will be reset once the next ranking event begins.
※ Accounts flagged for hacking or modding will have their Arena scores invalidated and may receive a playing ban.
※ Empire of Cats Ch. 1 must be cleared before the Catclaw Dojo will be available to access.
※ If the Arena of Honor does not appear even if the conditions are met, please ensure that your Battle Cats app is updated to the most recent version available.

● Login each day for stamp rewards and a limited edition Cat Unit !
Awesome login bonuses, available to collect only during this collab event!
Visit The Battle Cats each day during this collab campaign to pick up every stamp and get a Rare Ticket, battle items and other rewards! Plus, your seventh Login Stamp will unlock the Special Collab Unit "Shakurel Cat"
Don't forget to login or you'll miss out!
※Once received, you can unlock "Shakurel Cat" by visiting the Special Cats section of the Upgrade menu.

Old Guys About Town September Event

Event Information

During this event, access the "Old Guys About Town" stages by visiting the "Stories of Legend" game mode!
New and unknown enemies await you! There might even be something interesting at the end of the quest!
This event starts the 1st of September (9/1/2019) and continues until the 1st of October (10/1/2019)

Finish the stage and get a chance to obtain the event-exclusive Kung Fu Cat X!

Obtaining the Exclusive Cats

You can find Kung Fu Cat X when you clear the event stages! Your chances will increase greatly if you play the more difficult stages!

You have a 100% chance to get it if you also use the Treasure Radar item!

The Treasure Radar can be found at the Item Shop! Grab it anytime!

* After you have picked up Kung Fu Cat X, you can find it under Rare Cats in the Upgrade screen.

Version 8.8 Update

● Zombie Stages added to Into the Future Ch. 2
Challenge the invading undead in the 2nd chapter of the Future story arc in randomly appearing Outbreak stages!
Get 10 Cat Food with each Zombie stage cleared for the first time, plus increased Treasure Drop rates when you clear all stages in a Quarantine Zone.
Clearing all Outbreak stages in a chapter increases your maximum Cat Energy!
※ Available after clearing Into the Future Ch. 2
● New True Form!
Collect Catfruit to power up another Cat to it's powerful 3rd form!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Voli from "Elemental Pixies"

● More Cat Talents to unlock!
Develop mighty abilities for your high-ranked Cats by choosing Talents!
▼ Uber Rare Cats
Baby Cat from "The Dynamites"
Mighty Kat-A-Pult from "Iron Legion"
More Cats will become available to upgrade in future updates!
※NP and Talents will be available once you have cleared Into the Future Ch. 3.
● More Legend Stages!
New Legends maps have been added! Plus, higher difficulty levels added to existing maps!

● And More!
・New User Rank Rewards!

3 Years of The Battle Cats POP!

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