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FAQs (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad)

【Crashing Upon App Launch】
If the app quits during launch due to error, please take the following steps.

○ Turn off your device's power, and restart your device.

○ Uninstall and re-install the app, then attempt to re-launch the software.
※ Purchased apps may be uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times without re-purchasing the software.
※ Please make sure that Inquiry Codes are safely recorded and data transfer procedures are completed (if possible) before you delete any apps, or you may lose progress.

Once these steps are taken, your device environment may become stable enough to properly run the app without error.

PONOS User Support

【About Mail Settings】
Ensure that spam filters are set to permit messages from PONOS, or messages between your account and PONOS User Support may be filtered to a spam filter or rejected.

Users on mail servers with Domain Specified Reception should add the domain below to their permitted senders settings to ensure that messages can be delivered properly.


※ Please include as much relevant information as possible when requesting technical support (App name, circumstances of the error, Inquiry Code, etc.)

※ "iPhone" and "iPod" are trademarks of Apple, Inc.