Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions regarding "The Battle Cats" here, please read these carefully before making an inquiry.

Network Environment
"The Battle Cats" requires a network connection to play.
* Additional costs may incur from data transmission depending on your Internet Service Provider.
Usage Fees
"The Battle Cats" is completely free to play. However, please be aware that there is paid content.
Representation of In-Game Currency
The representation of in-game currency does not reflect any actual monetary value
Version updates
To update your "The Battle Cats" application, please first close the application before proceeding with the update.
Playing with multiple accounts
We strongly recommend playing one version of "The Battle Cats" on a single device.
Be aware that in the event of a transfer error or corrupted account data, we cannot guarantee support for users who play "The Battle Cats" over several devices, or users who have multiple versions of The Battle Cats app installed on a single device.
Unofficial Applications and Services
Recently, there has been a growing number of unofficial applications and information sources (Websites, Mobile Apps, Forums, etc.) related to "The Battle Cats".
We deem these "unofficial applications and services" and have no relation to our services or "The Battle Cats" products. We do not recommend the use of unofficial applications and services and accept no responsibility or liability for damages incurred by an unofficial application or service.
Passwords (Google Android, Google Play)
For the Android version of "The Battle Cats", we strongly suggest that you set a password to prevent misguided or unintended purchases or transactions.
You can do this by setting a PIN code on Google Play using the method below.

1.Open the "Google Play Store" application on your device.
2.Go to the "Settings" in your account via the Menu.
3.Under "User Controls", select "Require Password" and on the next dialog select "For all purchases through Google Play on this device"(Valid on Android Play Store version 4.8)

You may also select "Every 30 minutes" which will also allow you to skip the password prompt after the first transaction for a time period of 30 minutes. However, after 30 minutes have passed you will be once again required to authenticate before making any purchase.
Mail Settings
If you make an inquiry, there may be a need for us to contact you in response to your inquiry. We ask you to make sure your E-mail settings will allow for our responses to safely arrive to your mailbox. Please ensure that software that may spam filter or block emails are set to allow emails from our domain (below). If these settings are not correct, you may not be able to receive our responses.
For those whom are using domain controlled filtering, please ensure that our domain is not filtered.
Account Management
We do not recommend multiple players of "The Battle Cats" using the same Account to play across different devices. (Accounts: AppleID, Google account)
Important transactions and events such as In-App Purchases and payment methods use such Account information and we implore users to manage their Accounts accordingly.
  Inquiry Code Management
Your Inquiry Code is a key piece of information that is required for PONOS to assist you with account recovery and troubleshooting. Do not make this information public, or a stranger may be able to access your account data.
※PONOS will not take responsibility for account theft or errors caused by mismanagement if you make your Inquiry Code public.

【Title】The Battle Cats
【Platform】iOS / Android
【Language】English, Japanese, Korean