Frequently Asked Questions

You can find frequently asked questions regarding "The Battle Cats" here, please read these carefully before making an inquiry.

It is possible to move the save data for "The Battle Cats" from one device to another using the Save Data Transfer service. This will allow you to continue playing from where you left off on your previous device.
* Android to iPhone, iPhone to Android save transfers are possible.

[Before you begin the Save Data Transfer]
※Please record the Inquiry Code found on both your Title Screen and Settings Menu (screenshot as well!)
※Do not attempt to start or resume a Save Data Transfer in a location with poor network reception.
※Be aware that data currently on your target device will be overwritten after Resuming a Data Transfer.
※Data from Transfers that are not resumed within 3 months will be invalidated.
※Without a properly recorded Transfer Code and Confirmation Code pair to input, you will not be able to continue the Data Transfer to your new device. Make sure that all digits are correctly recorded and that you have taken a screen capture of the codes to ensure that you are able to retrieve your save files.
※ PONOS will not assume responsibility for data lost due to network error, device error, or user error, and cannot provide a guarantee that data will be transferred without error.
※ Data from the English version of the Battle Cats cannot be transferred to other language versions of the game.
※ Please tap the button only once when starting or resuming Data Transfers to avoid error.
※ Once a transfer to a new device has been completed, the original data on other devices will be invalidated and cannot be used.

More Information

【Title】The Battle Cats
【Platform】iOS / Android
【Language】English, Japanese, Korean